Ayushi Singh

Definitely the cuter one, a beauty with brains. When you see any sensible decision being taken on our part, yeah, that’s her decision.

Ayush Chauhan

The infant among the two. Looks calm but is definitely impulsive in making crazy decisions. Proud of his voice (major reason why she agreed to get married with him)

Our Story

It's not too often that you find someone who can finish your sentences, let alone correct your improper use of a Dumb and Dumber quote. Whether it be a lazy rainy day in the car or a cosy date outside in the Summer, we are always happy just being together. What started off as strangers soon grew into something much more than coincidence.

How it beganHow it began

How it began

Our families have a good sense of humour. "A perfect match must have perfectly matching names" has to be their first thought while going through this marriage proposal. Thanks to our cool names, it didn't take us long to take that leap of faith.
Sharing our dislike for Chetan Bhagat (his writing mostly) and love for long drives reinforced our belief, that our parents might have made the perfect match.

Our 'Exploration' gameOur 'Exploration' game

Our 'Exploration' game

The pandemic played a huge role in our dating plans. Forced to live in different cities with almost a year at our hands before the wedding, every meet up was planned meticulously. One of us had to travel at least 120 Kilometers to grab a cup of coffee together (That was mostly Ayush, clocking in 240 kms for each date, that's commitment).
This made us cherish every single minute we spent together, every single Piri-Piri fries we had together.

Becoming 'Official'Becoming 'Official'

Becoming 'Official'

Our families finalized the date of engagement and wedding, all we did was agreed to it and became official.
End of the story, nothing more interesting in here apart from a life lesson.
"Don't get your hopes too high, keep them realistic."

Living the momentsLiving the moments

Living the moments

In 11 months of our journey so far, from being strangers to two souls who are now inseparable, we evolved into two different people together. Spending time with each other, going through disagreements, getting robbed together (not gonna forget this one anytime soon) we lived all those moments to the fullest. With this, we are finally taking the next step, forging all those moments and upcoming moments into unforgettable memories.

The Adventure Begins in

The Wedding Unfolds

Baaraat is never on time, but we can ensure at least you are!

11:30 AM

Ghurchari will take place at
(Darpan) A-22 Sushant Aquapolis
Opposite Crossings Republik
Ghaziabad (U.P.)

12:00 PM
Departure of Barat

Barat with all the baratis will depart from Ghaziabad to wedding venue in Aligarh

8:30 PM
Arrival of Barat

Barat with all the dancing baratees
will arrive at the Green View Resorts
at Agra Road Aligarh (U.P.)

9:30 PM

Highlight of the evening, 'The Jaimaal'
will take place at the wedding venue
proceeded by dinner

We are getting married

February 5th, 2022

Green View Resorts

7th km Milestone, Agra Road, Aligarh (U.P.)

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The Wedding Location

Will be looking out for you

We would be waiting eagerly for you to be with us along with your blessings as we step into a new chapter of our lives.

Ayushi and Ayush